Mobility, waste, run-off water, FV: news in Rome

From Bluetooth sensors for monitoring pedestrian flows to FV panels’ map


Sustainable mobility, bulky garbage and weather water outflow. These are the topics in the line of work of Roma Capitale’ works. The city announced some news coming to improve livability and garnish in Rome.

Bluetooth sensors to monitor traffic and movements

In September the first Bluetooth sensors will be placed in 27 areas of the historical centre of Rome to monitor the travel time of pedestrians and cars’ flows. By now, the selected points to gather data are: Ara Pacis, Castel Sant’Angelo, Largo Argentina, Piazza Venezia, Colosseo, Trastevere, San Pietro, Circo Massimo and Flaminio. The target is identify the areas to realize new pedestrian islands and zones 30. “Pedestrianizations are a useful instrument if is well ruled and managed, to increase accessibility and to represent a chance of upgrading”, as in a press release comments the President of Mobility’ Commission of Roma Capitale, Enrico Stefàno.

Ecological islands

Confirmed the installation of 6 new ecological islands in the III, V, IX, XII, XIII and XV Municipalities. In particular the interested streets are: Casal Selce, Pontina, V. Guidi, Tor S. Giovanni, Charles Lenormant and Pasquini. The new islands will be added to the existing 14, so we could help people to “remove huge garbage or other kind of objects and materials not to be bestowed between domestic waste”, as underlined in a press release the Assessor of environmental Sustainability of Roma Capitale Pinuccia Montanari. Act that, “together with the new recycling and the removal of the street rubbish containers”, said Montanari, will “improve the city decorum”.

Run-off water through the streets

It is accomplished the costructions of weather water collection plant in Viale Tor di Quinto, realized by SIMU Department (public Works, Lavori pubblici), it is done using PVC pipes and remake of road surfacing in the involved by works section. The intervention come with the renovation of an old PVC pipe and to create new little wells collection, just ended in Via dell’Oceano Pacifico. “These interventions too, less clear, are important for Roma because they allow a better availability of the road even in critical weather conditions”, commented in a press release the Assessor of Infrastructures Margherita Gatta.

Photovoltaic’s map

To produce energy by renewables we need more frankness. How? With geotag mapping through the 157 photovoltaic systems placed in Rome, with almost 2MW total power and 2,5 GB of productive capacity yearly. With this project, announced at the end of June, the Assessor for Infrastructure Margherita Gatta, aimed to make openly available on SIMU Department’ pages the data on panels about: power (kwp), type of building and system condition (if is it in maintenance or in functioning). So we can program new interventions to increase the installed farm

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