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India smart Grid week, smart technologies’ El dorado

India smart Grid week, smart technologies’ El dorado

At New Delhi begins the week dedicated to smart grid, 50 countries participating

The traditional lamp’s ignition “shining the path”, starts India smart grid week’s (ISGW) third edition at New Delhi (March 8th-10th).

The event grew up very quickly in the last three years (first edition in 2015 at Bangalore) following smart grid implementation’s rhythm and smart grid trial’s all over the country, like underlines Reji Kumar Pillai, forum’ president and Global Smart Grid Federation’s Chairman. Nowadays there are fifty countries engaged. Between these several institutional delegations of  ambassadors in India like ambassador for Europe Tomasz Koziowski and Harald Sandberg Sweden’s ambassador; USA participating with Henri Staingas, south and south-east Asia’ regional director of trade development agency and Japan With USTDA Makoto Watanabe, NEDO’ (new energy and industrial technology development) then utilities (Italian Hera participates too), universities and companies.

Participations marking the beginning and stabilization of many industrial and financial agreements supporting the Indian’s ambitious develop program that, as the Indian Energy Ministry’ secretary P.K. Pujary remembers, will engage 300 million network’s km and allows, within 2019, the houses without electric energy’ connection. The target is optimizing the network, reducing, and if possible removing, system’s drops. Always Pujary underlines how the roll out will be in two steps: before industries and then domestic users (always within 2019).

All these targets are stimulating, because we can feel the growing interest about sector’s industries.

Important challenges that, like Praveer Sina, Tata Power Delhi distribution Ltd utility’s CEO and MD, remembers deducing conclusions after morning works, can show a development of network’s complexity. We have to manage this development as best as we can immediately, enhancing parts like flexibility, interoperability and safety. These are the next ISGW2017 sessions’ topics will talk about.


Following tradition, good omen lamp turned on and started third edition India’ smart grid week at New Delhi, event organized by India smart grid forum and supported by the most important nation’s ministerial authorities.

India’s facing important challenges starting with electrification of devoid areas and continuing with smart grid’s transformation.

We’re talking about 300 million of lines and a facing roll out both in the timing – by the 2019 – and in numbers – 250 smart meter’s million – we forecast, also, 125 Gw integration from renewable by the 2020.

All these targets make India agreements and technological and financial collaborations’ destination from the whole world, in fact the event attracted this year more than 50 countries.

Europe is ready about these items. We hope to be ready for getting the industrial and financial chances about this date that, like underlined by Praveer Sina, Tata Power Delhi distribution Ltd utility’s CEO and MD, forecasts development of network’s complexity and new players’ entrance in the sector.

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