News from CIGRE, the Tso congress in Paris


CAM00153Cigre, Council on Large Electric Systems, the biennial conference of the Tso at the 45th edition this august in Paris, is also an important occasion to present new solutions and components innovations.

The trend this year was the integration of distributed generation in networks.

The point at which the different Tso world seem to converge is the inevitability of networks to convert alternating current into direct current (HVDC) and manage the integration of storage. On the whole this implementation applies the most rigid attention to act with full attention to energy loss and to environmental impact. 

HVDC technology is taken into account by the very industry in the last four years because of its potential to increase 4-5 times the power of energy transport by acting on the same networks with fewer cables useful. The same substations become an area in which the efficiency of management can operate much about the environment.


Below some interviews at Cigre’s speakers





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