Mobility and life’ quality are the central elements of a rethinking of the logistic at Parco De’ Medici’ consortium, area close to Roma’s limits. Trying to convert in green and smart pole of the area we presented in the interview to eng. Marco London for SIS.TER POMOS, who followed the project’s development, were different subjects to participate the consortium to be involved.

We talked with Pierluigi La Montagna, mobility manager of TechnipFMC, a corporation present in the area with two buildings, compared to approach and data emerged in its company’s background.

Mobility and logistic at Parco dè Medici seen by the ones working there

A study just made inside the company pointed to mobility’s preferences of your coworkers, what results did you register? What is, nowadays, the most chosen mobility to reach the office by your coworkers? Participation was very deep, both as number of questions and quality of advices.

By the data, we observed the 65% of workers uses only the car to go home/work, and 62% of this is male (Inside the company the relation man/woman is 62% in favor of men.  e.n.).

2% uses car + train, 1% car + corporate shuttle. 7% only motorcycle or moped. 25% of company’ workers uses only public transportation, in union between them too. Only one of the sample declare to use a bicycle.

As company did you start supporting’ systems for the mobility of your workers, for example a service of car pooling or discounts on public transportation? We have benefits on year’ subscription for public transportation (30% discount), extended to workers’ families. About the car pooling, we’re looking forward to launch it in 2018.

In your mobility manager’s role for Roma’s branch, do you keep in touch with other figures present at global level in your industrial activity? We’re in touch with mobility managers of companies participating the Consortium, like World Food Programme, Wind and Esso.

Are there any other sustainability’s experiences activated in your company, maybe used in other poles of the same company too? Company choice is promoting always sustainability’ practices applied both on our projects in Rome and in global sphere. We have a specific appointed office for these activities: HSE’ department (Health, Safety, Environment).

May you tell me some example of 360° sustainability’ activities made a global and local level by your company? The company realized some studies at corporate and national level. For example I can mention how evaluated by a recent poll about buildings’ energy footprint in Europe: ‘Buildings are responsible for the 40% of energy’ consumption and the 36% of CO2’ emissions in Europe’. On these buildings we verified as with a retrofit’ procedure with solar films on windows is possible to improve insulation’ performance from heat and cold. This installation in Roma’s building brought a heat’ reduction for the building in summer (bringing solar radiation to a 98% of solar reflection and a 99% of dazzlement’ reduction). Overall air conditioning costs’ reduction was sizable, moreover we registered an almost complete absorption of solar radiation.

Furthermore in the building of Roma we use only energy coming from certified renewable. This is means that for any MW/h of energy used we have a saving of equivalent CO2 around 379,7 CO2 Kg. In Roma we are active on renewable since 2010, so our offices contributed to save 1100 tons of equivalent CO2. A choice bringing a costs’ rise too, for a more expansive energy supply compared to traditional vendors for a total amount of 1.5 €/MWh.

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