Social, economic and environmental potentialities in forests’ active management


“I think that this was a great information, knowledge and preparatory listening’ project, on one hand, to white paper’s writing, that we’ll develop in the next months thanks to the new proxy for forests’ national legislation’s review give at Ministry, and, on the other, a valiant legislative action”. The latter should be able to see the light before the legislature ends: “The text is ready and we hope in the next weeks will turn in law or, otherwise, won’t go dispersed not to lose anything about the work we made in these months”.

Talking with Andrea Olivero, Deputy Agricultural Minister of Agriculture Food and Forestry Policies’ Ministry, we draw conclusions on the work started with the Forum Nazionale delle Foreste (Roma, November 29th 2016) promoting a meetings’ series with citizens, institutional representatives and insiders to collect incentives and ideas driving an homogeneous strategy to manage Italian forestry assets. From Foggia to Padova, from Amatrice to Cuneo passing throw Potenza e Trento the emerged will is one: actively manage Italian forestry resource. That is a chance to anthropic impact’ reduction on nature, fighting illegal wood’s trade, producing energy nationwide and… for a responsible tourist.

The 2,14 euro billions of resources for rural development’s national program, for the 2015 – 2020 period, “should be directed toward this strategic planning – clarifies Olivero -: putting our local communities and our businessmen in able to actively manage the woods, pledging its maintenance, cutting where is necessary and to build implant where’s possible. Promising wood’s regeneration in all seasons both for productive aims – producing wood or collecting undergrowth products, important for local economies – and to protect Italian biodiversity”.

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Ivonne Carpinelli
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