Planning the sustainability: the idea to restart green tourism in Venice Lido


“Green Lido – metropolitan touristic project” is named the venture about making the system of tourism’s sector green offers, fostered by Confindustria Venice working together with 15 local linked companies which created “Venice and its lido”. “These companies have the objective of Venice Lido’s restart from the tourism point of view, enhancing and making the system all the structures and activities already definable sustainable”, as Elena Bonafè of Confindustria Venezia said to Canale Energia.

Inside the involved area there are: sport facilities, wellness centers, uncontaminated natural parks, a WWF oasis, a long cycle path and an old hospital, to be put into operation again, famous for rheumatism’ treatment. “The Lido has potentialities, but, at the same time, has a limited tourism capacity (1400 rooms for more than 40 accommodations) – continues Bonafè – so, Confindustria Venice, that is in charge of attracting interest about environmental and support to sustainability committed front companies, wants to restart it thanks to the eco-sustainable tourism place features”.

This green itinerary will develop throw three main directions: using km 0 products for catering (there’s already a vegetable garden at Malmocco, a land’s strip between Venice lagoon and the Adriatic sea); development about renewable energy production and electric vehicles’ use implementation – “The idea is signing an agreement with Venice District to strengthen bike sharing and electric cycles use”; garbage production’s decrease and reuse of it.

The initiative received Environment Ministry sponsorship and during this promotion’s week revealed new adhesions. What about next steps? “First of all, companies already inside the project, try to obtain environmental sustainability’ certification for their own structures: before the Green Lido trademark, then the Ecolabel (as you know, is hard to obtain). Moreover, the industrial plan writing, to understand how many resources we have to use for the project, a portal building used as showcase’ project too.

Here following the 15 companies consortium’s core list:

Tiso Alfredo & Figli Srl

Villa Stella

Villa Tiziana

Hotel Rivamare

Grand Hotel Ausonia & Hungaria

Villa Mabapa

Hotel Pannonia

Hotel Atlanta

Villa Ines

Biasutti Hotel

Mediterraneo Sviluppo Srl

Hotel&Residence Venezia 2000

Hotel Rigel

Venezia Spiagge Spa

Lio Spiaggia

Consorzio Spiagge CAPLI

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