DIGIRenewables: how the WIND energy’s SEU is going on in UK


Eolico NPSFly Solartech Solutions Pvcompare had analyzed the changes in SEU research about wind energy segment in UK market, starting since 2004.

As we can see from the chart below, in absolute terms the keywords “wind power” (blue) and “wind turbine” (green) are the most clicked.

It is interesting to note that up to May 2006 the two search keys followed different paths – “wind turbines” had a lower amount of research – but after this date they start to have a parallel course, with a similar amount of research.


The amount of research slightly higher of “wind turbine” compared to “wind energy” is also given by the interaction of some news from magazines on specific products of some manufacturers.

Micro wind” (red line below) has made its entry in the searches in February 2006 – is it not keeping the promises of initial boom – managing to accumulate now only 1/23 of reserches of the keywords “wind turbine“.


This keyword is replaced with:

micro generation

micro wind generation

micro wind power

micro wind turbine

micro wind turbines


mini wind” (yellow) has made its entry in the searches in May 2007 but as for “micro wind” it’s only accumating 2/23 reserches of “wind turbine”.

If we analyze the last year (2014) over the previous year, we can extrapolate the research with greater rise (chart below)



wind turbine +500%

wind turbine power +400%

wind power advantages +300%

wind power disadvantages +250%

wind power turbines +200%

wind turbines +200%

This market research, through queries of potential customers, denoting a strong market for a large-scale and less aimed at small domestic installations such as happens in Italy.


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