Curve Appeal: the house with curved shapes


Interview with Georgie Griffiths, WATG (Wimberly, Allison, Tong & Goo), the architectural studio which is realizing the project.

How did the idea of Curve Appeal?

The design was inspired by the new possibilities and freedoms afforded by 3D printing.  The curved shapes of the free form walls are impossible to create using conventional construction methods.  So when designing this house we use these new technological possibilities as a starting point for design, using the new forms and shapes available to us.

Which are the technical peculiarities of the project? Will you use a particular technical of construction?

At the heart of Cellular Fabrication™ is Branch Technology’s patented freeform 3D printing process. Freeform printing allows for material to be created in open space. It is not constrained to the slow, layer-by-layer build process of traditional 3D printing. Our algorithm creates both the geometry and robotic motion to construct complex geometries. United with tried and true building materials and methods, this delivers a product that is as robust as it is revolutionary.

Will you use particular materials into this work?

The house is made from a 3D printed matrix of carbon-reinforced ABS which will create it otherwise difficult to build form. Conventional building materials like foam insulation and concrete will be applied to finish the exterior surfaces. The interiors will be built conventionally – leveraging new materials, smart systems and direct digital fabrication methods where possible.

Is the contact with the nature a fundamental element in this project?

We incorporated as many passive strategies as possible through-out the design. For instance- passive heating/cooling strategies, sunlight shading, etc.

Do you think that people have a growing need to be in touch with nature? Do you think the construction industry should pursue this goal?

Curve appeal also considers the human experience of dwelling in a unique way compared to other recent 3D printed houses. Not only are the interior spaces well planned for the practicalities and nuances of life; the use of warm materials, brightly day lit interiors and the strong connection to the outdoors make for a comfortable and enjoyable place to dwell. Curve Appeal will be a beautiful and inspiring place to live and set the standards for 3D printed architecture.

We see Curve Appeal as a prototype towards new progressions of architecture through its process of construction. Curve appeal will allow us and Branch Technology to experiment with construction strategies and test the limits of their 3d printing systems. The construction of Curve Appeal will be a hybrid of standard construction merged with 3d printed parts.

We see architecture shifting towards very radical designs in the future and 3d printing makes it possible. Within our studio, we are always pushing the limits of parametric and generative design leading architecture down a new path of experimentation; this in turn opens opportunities to surpass past inclinations of construction.

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