Pharmaceutical sector and 4.0 Industry, between opportunities to get and new operational operative standards

Emerged themes during the meeting organized by ABB


Increasing and improving production, automating industrial processes to make them more performing and, thanks to data’ collection in  real time, formulating hypothesis in predictive key with the target of releasing the interventions by the temporal contingency to adopt, instead, an holistic and long period vision (little twisted concept…). This is the way to follow for obtaining great opportunities linked to adhesion at 4.0 industrial’ basics, a modus operandi that may offer countless advantages for pharmaceutical sector. Automating the installations – for example the biotech or fine chemicals’ part – and advanced sensors – directed to improve from qualitative and quantitative point of view, production and efficient management of what we need to introduce in the market of a determinate medicine – are only some of the key elements of a strategy pointing to make more performing industrial processes of this branch. Among these, it’s not secondary energy saving’s aspect.

4.0 Industry and energy sector’ challenges

Automation’s challenges in pharmaceutical sector is the argument that Marco Banti, Business Development and Sales Manager of ABB in Pharma, explained to Canale Energia on Friday, February 2nd during a meeting organized by the group in its headquarters at Sesto San Giovanni in Milano. During this meeting emerged even – as underlined by Enrico Martini, member of technical secretariat of Mise – that, although Italy is in a “follower position” comparing with other countries in 4.0 industry’s challenges, the topic is the main subject of Government’ attention, underlining, moreover, as priority the need to accompany in efficient way companies in this innovation path, rich of opportunities for all the producing’ sector. In particular, explained Martini – “energy sector is surely very interesting by this point of view. Even though Government’s policy didn’t want to affect vertically identifying some favorite settings, I believe it may be interesting by the energy’ sector to develop all the qualifying technologies to optimize production’s processes. In particular, energy is one of the most interesting for how it’ll develop in the next years and how it’ll hook this revolutionary and exponential push  toward 4.0 industry”.

From Homo Sapiens to Homo Deus

In general from the meeting emerged how digital revolution is a process characterized for an unidirectional of entropic type, a challenge in which companies cannot escape, or they’ll risk to loose competitiveness in the market. This innovation invested in a radical way our culture, until its deepest roots, catapulting us – like explained by Marco Ferrari, CEO of Anemocyte Srl mentioning the title of a Yval Noah Harari’s book – from the homo sapiens’ era, during which the strict imperative was surviving, so fighting wars and diseases, to homo deus’ one. An era in which main targets to reach are the ones linked to the research of happiness and, in a certain way, to the will of “gathering the eternal” in a world where life’ expectation grows more and more. In this renewed scenario, happiness’ research rests on new pillars going from genetic, to nanotechnologies passing for last generation’s robotics. Innovative instruments putting on foreground technologies linked to digital and big data’ challenges, but that, to complete their function in the best way, have to use these solutions in aimed way and suitable context.

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