Casabluu 1024x595Blockchain, smart house and game(s). These are trends seeing users more and more involved in utility’s world, proposed by this year’ edition of the European Utility Week – EUW- (Amsterdam, October 3rd-5th).

Future’s house is always smarter and smarter, it knows when turn on and switch off lights in rooms, has the washing machine talking with the refrigerator and, above all, makes micro payments for additional services (Recipes? Information?) in autonomy, thanks to blockchain. And games provide  to explain the all of this to final users, easily and directly on cell phone. Of course, the more you learn, the less you pay.

Comfort wins on energy efficiency, but the outcome is always sustainability

Even though sometimes users are more attracted by the comfort ensured by a smart house than to energy efficiency and environmental impact. These are, at least, considerations made by Smart Watt, Greek company offering a plug-in service (literally stick the plug) going from domestic safety to sensor for its own clients.

Safety in payments and quality for the ambient we live in, so, represent together with comfort strategic choice’ elements for nowadays’ user and they’ll be rewarding in tomorrow’ offer.

Start up and innovation, domotics is always easier and easier

During the fair there are many start ups showing innovative solutions and often easy to apply.

For example the device, just a little bigger than a phone and with a minimalist design, able to tell us on our phone and PC how change the quality’s air home as we act inside it. Cooking, opening windows, washing the floor won’t be a simple usual action, but a gesture able to improve the air we breathe’ quality.

Blockchain. Micropayments in complete safety often with a code known only by the one using the service and who made it available. In China, but in other places too, they are testing it, the prosumer, (user not only consuming but producing energy too) seems to appreciate it.

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