Octopus Energy is Proud Sponsor of SunPedal Ride in a Cross Country Journey


Months-long, solar-powered e-bike ride through the United States aims to raise awareness about sustainability and clean energy

FARGO, N.D.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Octopus Energy, a renewable energy retailer based in Houston, Texas, is a sponsor of the SunPedal Ride, an annual, solar powered electric bike ride across the U.S., which reached North Dakota this week. Conducted by Sushil Reddy, a Guiness World Record holder for longest e-bike ride, the SunPedal Ride is designed to encourage conversation about clean energy, sustainable mobility, and low-emission travel. Now on its 7th trip, the SunPedal Ride began on August 15, 2021 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and is scheduled to finish in early December in Houston, Texas after covering 6,498 miles of travel. Following completion of the journey, Octopus Energy will host an end-of-ride celebration in Houston, Texas commemorating a months-long journey across the country.   “Octopus Energy is proud to sponsor Sushil’s SunPedal ride and work closely with him to evangelize adoption of renewable energy and clean, low-carbon lifestyles worldwide,” said Michael Lee, CEO of Octopus Energy US. “This is a critical time for the global energy transformation and individual actions play a crucial role in driving us towards a greener, cheaper and more sustainable energy future. We look forward to hosting the SunPedal Ride team here in Houston this December.”   Reddy is also joined on this year’s SunPedal ride by Luis Fourzan, a lawyer, outdoor enthusiast, and sustainable energy advocate who resides in Mexico. Fourzan also participated in the 2018 SunPedal ride, which took place in Iceland, and recently became a partner in green energy financial company Rayema. Other countries where the SunPedal ride took place in past years include France and India, the latter of which was home to Reddy’s world record e-bike journey in 2016.   Each year, the SunPedal ride is made possible by a series of sponsors and supporting partners who help spread awareness about the trip. In addition to Octopus Energy, this year’s sponsors include: Oriden, Mitsubishi Power, Radisson Hotels, Radisson Rewards, Hypertrack, Streetlight Data, Sol Mobil, Grin Technologies, Schwalbe, Ortlieb, MPOWERD, E-Bike Lovers Association, Project Green Schools, DoorDash, Lumos, Quad Lock, Solgaard, and Arxtec.
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