Element 1 Corp to host event showcasing zero-emission fuel cell technology in neighborhood vehicle


e1 is working with Oregon State University-Cascades, University of Oregon, and EDCO to highlight locally developed clean energy technology by engineers from Oregon universities

BEND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Element 1 Corp., also known as e1, a leading developer of hydrogen generation technology supporting clean fuel cell power technology, will hold a community event on April 19 to showcase locally developed near-zero-emission technology that is being adopted globally.

The community-focused event starts at 1 p.m. and ends at 2:30 at e1’s headquarters, located at 63050 Plateau Drive. e1 employees and graduates of the Oregon State University-Cascades energy systems engineering program will demonstrate e1’s unique technology and provide rides onboard a golf cart converted to a zero-emission fuel cell neighborhood electric vehicle.

Robert Schluter, e1’s co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer, said, “e1 is proud to play a role in supporting the adoption of clean fuel cell power for trucks, trains, and marine vessels. However, we would not have made it to this point without the encouragement and assistance of the Bend community. We are holding the open house as a way to say thank you for the support provided by EDCO, OSU-Cascades, the University of Oregon, and others, showcasing the talents and hard work of our engineers who came from Oregon universities. We welcome all to come see what they have accomplished as we move towards a clean and green future for the planet.”

Rebecca Webb, Ph.D., Tykeson Faculty Scholar in Energy Systems Engineering at OSU-Cascades, said, “Eighty percent of e1’s engineering team are alumni of OSU-Cascades’ energy systems engineering program. We are thrilled that our graduates helped make this significant contribution to cleantech. The e1 story is one example of what can be accomplished when OSU-Cascades engineering programs partner with Central Oregon businesses.”

Tim Schwartz, the Director of the University of Oregon Office of Entrepreneurship & Economic Transformation, said, “e1 CEO and co-founder Dave Edlund and his team are models for the entrepreneurial effect University of Oregon alumni, students, and faculty are having on our region. We are grateful for the employment and internship opportunities e1 provides our students. Dave embodies the University of Oregon’s commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation-centric economic development.”

Roger Lee, CEO of EDCO, said, “It has been exciting to see the steady progress that e1 has made in the green energy industry since launching more than a decade ago. After competing in the 2012 Bend Venture Conference and securing financial and advisory board assistance, we’ve witnessed them gain market traction that continues to fuel their current global growth.”

The planned event will include a demonstration of the fuel cell electric vehicle running on renewable methanol, including rides, and an information tour of e1’s technology.

Element 1 Corp:

e1 designs and develops advanced hydrogen generation systems used to power fuel cells with broad use in mobile applications and remote locations such as marine, trucking, off-road vehicles, rail, warehousing, and backup power supply sectors. e1’s proprietary technology produces hydrogen on-demand at the point of consumption, eliminating the logistical challenges and costs inherent in distributing compressed hydrogen. For more information about Element 1, please visit www.e1na.com.


e1 Media Contact:

Robert Schluter
Element 1 Corp
Phone: +1.541.678.5943
E-mail: robert@e1na.com

e1 Investor / Analyst Contact:

Greg Haugen
Element 1 Corp
Phone: +1.541.639.1711
E-mail: greg@e1na.com

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