Utilities, towards smart urban planning


The European Utility Week, an annual event dedicated to the European utilities (Amsterdam, November 4-6) also this year shows an important framework of the sector’s expectations. The gas and electricity smart meters are in place, but what really makes the difference is the components business which is more present in this edition, above all as regards the batteries. At the same time, the novelties concern mostly the sections behind the meter, which become more hi-tech, more interactive and smarter and have simpler interfaces.

They are so smart that they speak more “languages” when it comes to electricity and gas data comparison, checking the heat indoors and outdoors and, if necessary, modulating service provision, or in some cases activating themselves once they have geo-located the owner.

Water sector shows a great recovery: smart meter presentation was central in the area dedicated to the fair.

There was less technological innovation in terms of networks, except for the storage and derivatives and some water storage/mobility storage/balancing solutions. In turn lots of space was dedicated conferences and case studies which were held in different pavilions.

The orientation seems clear, but it remains to be seen at the next year’s fair edition in Vienna, whether such a great deal of “intelligent” solutions will be applied to urban planning of completely smart cities.

Here you are all of the video interviews done there by Canale Energia.

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Agnese Cecchini
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