That’s the way Tata Power DDL trains itself to install 2 million of smart meter within 2018

India AnteAt India smart grid week 2017 they are warming the engines up. Today technical sessions and best practices’ introduction to offer a first phase educational/introductive at Indian smart grid’ forum. From tomorrow it’ll start the three days watching, for the first time, the chances given by gas and hydro networks. During the third day’s session, the Italian utility Hera too will show the project launched in Italy in which many networks’ integration is the original feature.

The session will be moderated by Canale Energia’s managing director Agnese Cecchini, the only Italian media invited at the event.

Network will be always more and more alike a smart phone

That’s the way eng. Devenand, manager of Tata power ddl (Indian utility company) smart grid’s power and control system, describes network’ smart permutation: a function’ set throw only one means.

This simile let us start the tour in new Delhi’s experiential utility’s lab.

The meeting is preparatory sessions’ part forestalling Smart Grid India 2017 opening at New Delhi.

Tata’s network’ system started renewing itself from 2005, now is completing its itinerary toward consumer with about 2 million smart meter’s implementation by the end of 2018.

Consumptions’ optimization and safety are this process’ cornerstone parts. Therefore, along with Japanese company Omron, utility worked to a safety’ sector’s implementation able to stop the meter’s connection when occur the conditions it was scheduled for. Indestructible even at high temperatures. About prices and details the utility’s classified yet, even if declaring a certainly low increase in regard to advantages.

We leave Tata Power’s headquarters at New Delhi going to Menekshaw show centre where are occurring technical preliminary sessions. Last fine tuning and tomorrow India smart grid week will start.

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