Photovoltaic power, high performing module made in Umbria

CellesolariGallium, silicon carbide and indium. Are the recipe ingredients of AlfredoChiacchieroni, an electrician from Umbria, who has designed an innovative photovoltaic module with diodes (IMFD).

“We have modified the diode LEDs, the ones that are used in the lights of remote controls, inserting a mix of substances that consist compounds on the basis of gallium, silicon carbide and indium – explains Chiacchieroni. Then we have piled the diodes to create panels with have up to 14 layers and have an advantage of catching a broad length spectrum of light waves.” In this manner the performance grows by 64% (vs. 16% in traditional models) which corresponds to 984 W of power for a surface of 1.6 m2 (compared to 256 W of what the competitors offer).


The device guarantees to work for 50 years, operating at temperatures of 130°C. At the same time its production cost is by 70% lower than the silicon system, as it is made completely from a plastic material.

The license for this “garage innovation” is expected to be transferred to some global electric power generation utilities: one from Europe, one from Asia and one from America.

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