Nice to meet you, innovation project about infrastrucrures and mobility

InnovationsmartTrying to engage citizens, private and public companies and professionals in a itinerary turned into introducing innovation in infrastructures, mobility and transport sector. This is “Nice to meet you” main target, project created by Italycamp using Infrastructure and Transport Ministry’s sponsorship.

The venture organizes three different thematic areas – mobility, infrastructures and fields – to whom corresponding with likewise challenge sections about a contest in which project partners companies will be able to realize believed better solutions. In particular different situations meeting will be during a traveling road show that will be in Bari, Bologna, Torino e Pisa (about Pisa, the event was the last June 28th), it’s an opportunity to choose the most valiant and original ideas. Together with Mario Nobile, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry’s information and statistical general manager, we analyzed some project’ perspectives.

What is the purpose of “Nice to meet you” project?

The purpose is unfolding the Ministry to innovation incentives from different stakeholders: from Universities to research labs, from organized companies among residents to just born start up working infrastructural and transport’s complex, or more generally in ICT. Our will is including all the stakeholders, because, for “Nice to meet you” structure, the best projects will be rewarded with the innovative methods introduced launch and however with a ministry’ relationship to set area policies up. Therefore, a innovation contest.

May you give us some more details about the three micro sections the project is made of?

First is mobility, where we put passenger user experience or the moving goods box at the center. It means looking for and realizing innovative ideas and actions in consumers experience sector: so we have to realize enabling platform showing data in real time in order to let different companies and start up too develop services improving consumer’s experience. About this first proposal, we have idea to find innovative methods to strengthen consumers experience. We already started an open data production in ministry’s portal. The second point, about infrastructures, begins from the awareness that Government spends lot of money in Infrastructure every year. We want to use technology, having a very low marginal cost, to obtain ameliorative outcomes from the planning phase to infrastructures fulfillment and test phase, therefore there won’t be collapses two days after test, thanks to technology and sensors, giving information before, during and after. But there’s a part tied to better spending maintenance money chance, because technology helps to well ménage them. For example, in this area, there are the integrations with sensors, there’s the way to use with low cost very high multiplicative value technology. Third perspective is socializing infrastructures. Often we use them to move, going to work, but we don’t feel them our – infrastructure is a typical no-place. Nowadays some experiences go to brownfield sites requalification, instead our focus is trying to find solutions to socially qualify present infrastructures, having as effect positive feeling to the latter from the users and protective too: less vandalism, less refusal and rejection toward an useful work.

Talking about the contest, how will it be organized?

We forecasted a four legs road show – first was in Pisa June 28th – the others will be Bari, Bologna e Torino. During these events we disclose and give further information, then there’ll be a final event in September, we have to still choose the day, in which proposed projects on web site will be chosen by a jury and, somehow, helped to start.

Therefore, a project introducing innovation which chooses an horizontal approach. May you explain it better?

The context we’re are in, talking about infrastructures and transports, includes all of them: from logistics operator, to manufacturing companies having transport as non irrelevant price item, or different operators working however in transport industry. In any transport industry part we see research (universities, labs), important companies working both on logistic side and logistic ICT tied side and different final users. Then making vertical any portion composing the transport is very difficult Our idea was: let us open. During the road shows we clearly involve public institutions – often they bring best practice with in house purpose companies reserved about mobility – universities – essential ideas’ generation bond – economic operators and start up, which are often academic spin off.

Everyone of these subjects clearly has its own problems, chances and its particular features. Our idea is meeting them all, as we don’t work as ministry for only one supply chain operator, but we want to improve the whole supply chain. That’s what we’re are trying to do. Let’s take Silicon Valley or Uber as an example: they don’t arise by chance, they are the American administration public important investment result about open data, about chances. This attitude produces, after some years, an operators chain getting so strong to arrive abroad.

Last question: what are, in Italy, priorities to work on?

Sometimes one of the biggest barrier is the fear about showing data. We’re a great country, we have awesome numbers to analyze, thinking that in Italy, every day, take off and land more than 3400 planes. Italy has great opportunities, unfortunately we also have, as historic reality, a certain hesitancy in showing data. If we would search services data in real time we’d find these information in some circumstances, in some cities, in some contexts. Nowadays, thanks to internet of things and other alike evolutions we have a data multitude keeping endlessly gathered from different systems, the problem is that in Italy we show very few of them, finding them indirectly, because, instead, some platform show them. This is a fact to overtake, because this branch causes economic development too. The target is succeeding to manage data flow – right now we do it little and badly – and promoting the knowledge of putting in real time data network. I would introduce a simplification part in all transportation supply chain.

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