BioHyst, poor biomass helps to meet the demand for energy and food

BallefienoTo disintegrate the plant biomass structure to obtain high added-value products. This is the principle of operation of Hyst (Hypercritical Separation Technology), a technology created by Biohyst Italia, which thanks to a mechanical process based on transportation of the material in high speed air currents, is able to make use of the resources, also marginal ones such as food and agricultural by-products, in order to transform them in food with high nutritive values as well as fodder and biofuels of a low environmental impact.


“A specific feature that makes this system unique – explained Pierpaolo Dell’Omo, Head of the Research and Development Unit at BioHyst – is that the same processing is applied in the production of food, fodder as well as products that are extremely interesting from the energetic point of view.

Indeed, the plant is able to pre-treat the raw material and those who deal with the energy conversion from the biomass knows that for high performance for biogas and biomethane, the long-cellulosic biomass, such as e.g. straws, pretreatment is necessary. Otherwise, their performance is very low. This system provides with pre-treated straw the production capacity of which has basically doubled”

The creation of such a technology is related to the cooperation project “Bits of future: Food for all,” a result of cooperation between BioHyst and association “Scienza per amore” [Science for Love], which wants to benefit from the potential related to the Hypercritical Separation Technology in order to contribute to the sustainable development of African countries and to the issues regarding malnutrition. The idea consists in lending for use free of charge of the plants that will be built with the revenue from marketing of the technology in the industrialized countries. 

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