TOPseven to Showcase Groundbreaking TOP7 LPS 2.0 at CleanPower 2024

MUNICH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TOPseven, a leading developer of renewable energy technology, is launching its latest innovation, the TOP7 LPS 2.0, at CleanPower 2024. Situated at booth number 3220, TOPseven will showcase a state-of-the-art product designed to transform Lightning Protection System (LPS) inspections and high-resolution drone technologies. The company's first ever appearance at CleanPower underscores their commitment to elevating drone inspection technologies with unmatched efficiency, speed, and accessibility.

TOPseven LPS Measurement Logo Claim
TOPseven LPS Measurement Logo Claim
TOPseven Logo Claim RGB Gelb
TOPseven Logo Claim RGB Gelb

Projected for a third-quarter release in 2024 in North America, the TOP7 LPS 2.0 is designed to substantially improve the operational performance and safety of wind turbines. Through advanced drone technology, TOPseven offers precise, high-resolution inspection technologies, capable of reducing wind turbine inspection times by up to 90%, thereby diminishing downtime and maintenance expenses.

TOPseven's groundbreaking approach is backed by an extensive patent portfolio, which highlights its world class technology expertise in autonomous, close-range drone flights for comprehensive inspections of vast infrastructures. TOPseven’s precision drones can detect wind turbine blade artifacts down to the width of a human hair, even at 30 feet distance. The patented methodologies for automated visual inspection and contactless lightning protection measurement solidify TOPseven’s position as a leader in renewable energy innovation.

"Participating in CleanPower 2024 represents our entry into the North American market and is an important opportunity for us to present our TOP7 LPS 2.0 technology for the first time," said Knud Rissel, TOPseven’s CEO. “We are the only company that is localizing interruptions in the LPS system of a wind turbine and targeting maintenance at the exact point of an anomaly delivering dependable, accurate, and impactful results.”

At CleanPower 2024, TOPseven will introduce its vision of globally transforming drone inspection procedures, delivering an exceptional new approach for the inspection and preservation of essential infrastructure with minimal operational disruption. The company's innovative technologies enable consistent and comprehensive inspections of even the most inaccessible structures, fostering early fault detection, reducing the extent of damage, and prolonging infrastructure lifespan.

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About TOPseven

Based in Munich, Germany, TOPseven is a trailblazer in drone inspection technology within the renewable energy domain. With a specialized patent portfolio in Lightning Protection System (LPS) inspection and high-resolution drone technologies, TOPseven provides a distinctive methodology for conducting autonomous, close-range flights essential for meticulous inspections of renewable energy infrastructure. TOPseven is committed to enhancing global energy sustainability through innovative inspection solutions.


Katja Weissbach, TOPseven
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