Houston-headquartered Company Featured in Primetime on Fox Business Network With Reality TV Star, Mike Rowe


HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--United Salt Carlsbad, a Houston-headquartered company with operations in Carlsbad, NM, will be featured in an upcoming episode of “How America Works,” narrated by acclaimed reality television star, Mike Rowe. The episode will air on November 15, at 7:00pm CST on the Fox Business channel.

“How America Works” is a new television series showcasing the people who keep America’s important infrastructure functioning every day. Narrated by Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” fame, each 1-hour episode follows a company and its crew as they work to keep our great country running. Lumber, energy, and many more industries are featured in the 13-episode season. The final episode spotlights salt production and was filmed at the United Salt Carlsbad facility in New Mexico.

Earlier in the year, we introduced a new brand platform. Our brand is built around a simple idea-- our love of salt. Salt has many uses, but a truly vital one is its role in helping to keep our roads and highways safe and clear for our nation’s transportation network. ‘How America Works’ has been the perfect opportunity to showcase hardworking people doing what they love while contributing to the greater good.” Marcie Peters – President and CEO – United Salt Corporation

We produce a lot of deicing salt here in Carlsbad. We ship it to many parts of the country, to places where inclement weather can really slow things down. We’re all really proud knowing that the hard work you see in the show actually plays an important role to help keep people safe.” –Tom Vandekraats – Plant Manager – United Salt Carlsbad, LLC

United Salt Corporation was formed almost 100 years ago in Houston, Texas, and has since grown into a major supplier of high-quality salts. United Salt Corporation is privately owned and sells a variety of salt products used in the production of food, chemical processing, oilfield drilling and production fluids, deicing, agricultural feed, and industrial and residential water softening.


United Salt Corporation
Laure Felix, PR

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