Fermata Energy’s Newest V2X Bidirectional Charger – the FE-20 – Available Q1 2023

Fermata Energy Bringing Vehicle-to-Everything Solutions at Scale for Commercial Fleets

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fermata Energy, the leader in vehicle-to-everything (V2X) charging systems, today announced the upcoming release of its newest V2X bidirectional charger, the FE-20. With multiple commercial projects already successfully deployed with its FE-15 bidirectional charger, Fermata Energy is adding a second commercial charger option with the FE-20 to meet the increasing demand for V2X installations. V2X includes vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-building (V2B) projects.

“We are on the edge of a paradigm shift in how fleet vehicles are procured and valued by companies. Companies are facing increasing pressure to electrify their fleets. Yet, at the same time they are looking for ways to manage costs. V2X bidirectional charging actually allows them to both electrify their fleet and earn revenue while their EVs are parked,” said David Slutzky, CEO and founder of Fermata Energy. “Fermata Energy has pioneered bidirectional charging and now, along with our proprietary, cloud-based software platform, we are introducing our second, commercial bidirectional charger - the FE-20.”

The FE-20 is made exclusively for Fermata Energy by Heliox, a market leader in fast-charging systems.

Fermata Energy will unveil the FE-20 at a private event on October 6 in New York City, immediately following the conclusion of the EV Charging Infrastructure US conference. To request a pass to the unveiling event, contact events@fermataenergy.com

FE-20 and Bidirectional Charging

“Traditional” charging only sends power one way - from the grid to the EV. The FE-20 is a DC fast charger that both charges and discharges the battery of bidirectionally-enabled EVs, creating opportunities for fleet owners to earn revenue, while supporting grid resilience.

Depending upon available local utility programs, fleet operators with EVs, such as the Nissan LEAF, potentially can earn money in a couple of ways. They can be paid by their utility to send the energy stored in their EV fleet batteries to the grid or they are able to avoid peak demand charges by sending power to their building, which reduces the company’s electricity bill.

Fleet operators always control utilization of their vehicles. The FE-20 pairs with Fermata Energy’s proprietary V2X software platform, which sends fleet operators advance notice about opportunities to earn revenue.

The FE-20 bidirectional charger is a profit center that is comparable in cost to quality, commercial “traditional” chargers, which are cost centers to organizations with EV fleets.

Sample technical details of the FE-20 include:

- 20 kW for both charging and discharging

- ADA-compliant pedestal or wall mount

- UL certification pending

Fermata Energy is taking pre-orders for the FE-20 from fleet owners and operators for Q1 2023 delivery online at https://www.fermataenergy.com/solutions

Platform of success

The launch of the FE-20 builds upon the success of Fermata Energy’s FE-15 bidirectional charger, which has been earning customers thousands of dollars per EV per year since its release in 2020. Commercial and public sector fleet operators, such as the City of Boulder, Alliance Center in Denver, and Revel in Brooklyn, have deployed the Fermata Energy vehicle-to-everything platform to earn revenue or reduce building electricity costs through bidirectional charging.

The FE-15 is the first bidirectional charger to receive UL certification and the only one approved for use in the U.S. by Nissan as not impacting the Nissan LEAF battery warranty.


Park it. Plug it. Profit.TM Fermata Energy’s proprietary vehicle-to-everything (V2X) software platform and bidirectional chargers turn EVs into mobile energy storage assets, making it possible for EVs owners to combat climate change, increase grid resilience, and earn revenue. Learn more at www.fermataenergy.com, and follow us on Twitter (@FermataEnergy) and LinkedIn.


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