March 03-07, 2015, Bangalore, India

Today, India operates the world’s largest synchronous national grid covering an area of over 3 million sq km with connected capacity of 250 GW and about 200 million consumers. Yet another 79 million households in India do not have access to electricity and the per capita consumption of electricity in India is one-fourth of world average! Transmission and Distribution losses in India is also quite high about 26% in distribution system and more than 7% in transmission system! Government of India (GoI) is determined to leverage Smart Grid Technologies to address these problems.

In 2013, GoI issued Smart Grid Vision and Roadmap for India which is a 15 year roadmap for transformation of Indian power system to Smart Grids. With the recent activities around 14 Smart Grid Pilots and 100 Smart Cities projects, India has emerged as the hot destination for Smart Grids and Smart Cities.   India Smart Grid Week (ISGW) 2015 is a Conference and Exhibition that will bring together India’s leading Electricity Utilities, Policy Makers, Regulators, Investors and world’s top-notch Smart Grid Experts and Researchers to discuss trends, share best practices and showcase next generation technologies and products. ISGW 2015 is scheduled from 03 – 07 March, 2015 in Bangalore, India. More than 5000 delegates are expected to join the conference. ISGW has support from numerous national and international agencies such as IEC, CIGRE, IEEE, GSGF, ISGAN, NEDO, ASSOCHAM, CPRI, IEC, IESA, GERMI, SESI etc. ISGW will be India’s first government supported event focused on Smart Grids and Smart Cities. The five-day event will span a whole day of tutorial on Smart Grid technologies, three days of conference and will culminate with a site visit on the last day. The tutorial is a unique opportunity to come to speed with smart grid concepts and will initiate participants into the ecosystem. Conference themes will cover all aspects of smart grids ranging from Smart Metering, Communication Technologies, Automation Systems, Analytics, Distributed Generation, Demand Response, Smart Cities, Business Models for Smart Grids and much more. ISGW has also made arrangements for exhibitions to promote business dialogue and strengthen networks in the young smart grid industry. ISGW will be the perfect opportunity for industries to showcase their products and solutions and form new business partnerships. It will be unique opportunity to understand the Indian market.

ISGW will discuss several contentious topics throughout the conference such as Cyber Security for Smart Grids, National Policies, User Engagement Strategies and Regulatory Models. ISGW is organized by India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) which is a public private partnership initiative of Ministry of Power (MoP), Government of India for accelerated development of Smart Grid technologies in the Indian power sector. ISGF’s mandate is to advise government on policies and programs for promotion of Smart Grids in India, work with national and international agencies in standards development and to help utilities, regulators and the Industry in technology selection, capacity building and outreach programs. ISGF has over 200 Members covering ministries, government institutions, regulators, utilities and private companies from the industry, non-profit organisations, educational and research entities and students from renowned institutions. To participate in ISGW 2015 as an Exhibitor, Speaker or Delegate, please write to: .

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