Digitalisation at the heart of the energy transition

The digital transformation is happening at a very fast pace. It is impacting our lives in many ways and changing the world as we know it. Through digital transformation, multi-billion dollar companies came to exist, while others, that resisted embracing or delayed the move to digital, were put completely out of business. Digitalisation will continue to change our lives and impact our future. 65% of our children will end up working at a job that doesn’t exist yet. And pretty soon “offline” will be a word that will likely only be found in a dictionary.

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The energy sector is building on the immense opportunities that digitalisation brings. Cloud computing, edge computing, data & analytics, automation, robotics, IoT, artificial intelligence, digital twins, and many other technologies are being deployed to accelerate the energy transition, examples are countless.

“All the new digital technologies can contribute immensely to the energy sector’s development, which has been operating under the same conditions for too many years,” says Fabrizio Ragusa, Global Business Development Director Energy at SLM Solutions.

Ragusa Fabrizio Speaker CardFabrizio Ragusa 1

We can apply these new technologies, such as robotics and sensors, in the operation of power plants and transmission systems and in the maintenance of critical equipment. It’s a digital transformation that revolutionises the entire supply chain.

Digital transformation has made it possible to collect and analyse data and extract insights that can be used to, amongst other things, improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance products and services and, with that, increase revenue, customer interaction, participation and satisfaction. However, according to Technology Evangelist Kevin O’Donovan, we still have a long way to go:

IoT certainly has concrete applications today but I suppose what we’re missing in terms of value creation is that we’re still not ‘joining all the dots’. For decades we’ve been putting in Billions of sensors, gathering vast amounts of data but a lot of that data still goes into let’s say siloed applications.”

Kevin ODonovan Speaker CardKevin 2

If you want to learn the latest on digitalisation and cyber security technologies that are enabling the energy transition, look no further. At Enlit Europe, this November, the Digitalisation Hub will provide you with inspiring and practical presentations about all you need to know to step up your digitalisation strategy and how to do it faster and safer.

If you want to discuss this further, don’t miss the panel discussion on ‘Managing cyber risks in the electric power sector’ #Digitopia panel discussion co-hosted with Eurelectric happening at Enlit Europe, on 29 November, 14h00-15h00, on the Digitalisation Hub 4. Also, stay tuned for the upcoming Eurelectric White Paper on the guidelines for scaling digital innovations in the power sector.

Other Digitalisation Hub sessions to look out for include:

– Grid Edge Technologies: Utilities at Work; Data Aggregation & Analytics
– IoT for the Grid: Powering the Demand
– Cybersecurity for the Electrical Network; Green Data Centers
and more.

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