Trenchless technology, the water experience in Milan


Milan is one of the most active cities in experimenting and the use of No Dig technologies (or trenchless technology). The recent example in the chronological order is the project of Metropolitana Milanese which consists in redevelopment of a segment of the water supply network without any digging.


It is possible thanks to a special cart which, inserted in the restored pipe, sprays a paint able to build a new pipe inside the leaking.

To be more precise, Metropolitana Milanese called for tender, awarded to Euroscavi, for redevelopment of a segment of Milan’s water utility in the area of the pumping station in the quarter of Milano San Siro. Thus Scotchkote Liner by 3M is the solution to be applied.

The use of a non-invasive technology that does not require digging, which is able to restore water pipes without water losses is an important intervention aimed at all the inhabitants,” explains Davide Panciera, 

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