The businesses based in the Region of Veneto are increasingly sensitive to the issues of sustainability. This is the picture obtained in a survey called “How green are you?” conducted on a sample of 50 enterprises of the region by a consulting company GC&P. Its results were presented on the occasion of the International Earth Day on April 22. To be more precise, the data indicate that about half of the sample was granted the ISO 14.001 environmental certification, whereas 73% rendered their production processes and waste management more sustainable. Moreover, the report shows that 60% of the businesses take account of green-related issues as early as in the phase of designing and development of the products.


When it comes to the energy sector and the waste reduction in office work, the survey shows that the focus on saving in this respect marks an upward trend of 60%. Thinking in terms of the potential of the green philosophy in marketing, the percentage and the cost reduction reaches 72%. In turn logistics is in negative figures. For instance, in the sector of transportation only 52% of the companies pay attention to the sustainability, whereas 65% of businesses do not have any systems to measure environmental performance. 

“Our survey – comments in a brief Alberto Canepari, Co-Founder of GC&P and  survey designer  constitutes a starting point, an analysis of the state of the art that allows the businesses involved to compare their performance with respect to a significant sample of other companies and point out the aspects to work on in order to improve their own environmental performance.”


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