Smart City, the italian’s web platform it is be created


There is a need to encompass the matter of smart cities in the national strategy. Steering of projects is necessary; it is about modernization of the country”. Piero Fassino, Mayor of Turin and President of ANCI (Associazione Nazionale dei Comuni Italiani – National Association of Italian Communes) explains this on the occasion of launching of the web platform of the Observatory on smart cities sponsored by the Association of Communes.

The new digital space “Italian Smart Cities” encompasses 1,227 projects of the “smart” field which regard 14 million inhabitants and handle the investments worth €4.5 billion. The idea consists in offering all local administrations “a reference framework and a support in specific implementation of the smart city projects,” adds Fassino.


But what are the problems that still slow down the development of that process in the Italian communes? Marco Filippeschi, Mayor of Pisa and Head of Innovation Policies at ANCI, explains: “We ask the government and the parliament to provide the cities with professionalism and investments so that they could constitute best examples, precisely because of the problems that we face is the absence of adequate competences to support innovative planning or actions of strong specific capacity”.

Another person present at the event was Federico Testa, Commissioner of ENEA who analyzed in detail the issues of the energy efficiency segment, among the supply chains related to the smart city: “There are two problems. First of all, the project replicability is necessary. Secondly, financing possibilities other than public funds should supported more strongly.

The web platform of the  ANCI Observatory will include a section dedicated to the energy issues. This scope covers all the initiatives the final objective of which is an efficient use of available resources, apart from the research and efficient integration of new sources of renewable energy. “One of the examples are smart grids – as it is explained on the website – as well as the instruments that allow for streamlining of remote heating and the measures related to the public lightning and smart buildings.

That section encompasses 130 projects which concern 53 communes and handle the funds of € 589.885.536.



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Antonio Jr Ruggiero
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