The solar power producer RTR saves 223 thousand ton of CO2 a year. It declares Paolo Lugiato, CEO of the company which has “the largest Italian pole with 119 plants, 318 MW of installed capacity and a total of 430 GWh of energy produced in a year.”

Currently, RTR produces energy for 160 households, but it started with 62 plants and 144 MW of installed capacity, then it expanded with a series of progressive acquisitions: “The business model of RTR is to acquire already connected plants from third parties and optimize them. Thus we create value thanks to our unique management capacity.


The optimization is possible thanks to the real-time analysis of the plant performance data: “There are sensors in place which every five minutes transfer the data of each string to a database managed on our premises. This allows us to see immediately whether a system is out of operation or if there are parts that do not work and to intervene promptly.” Moreover, the database collects the technical data on the string segments related to the weather conditions, such as radiation or temperature (useful propriety, above all in warmer periods, e.g. last summer).

“We operate in full compliance with the environment and the occupational safety rules,” underlines Lugiato who mentions certifications ISO 14001 OHSAS 180001 obtained by the enterprise. In terms of that issue, the team of RTR is very sensitive: “We have promoted training meetings aimed at businesses: sometimes the regard for own employees and safety situations takes place through simple arrangements. The probability of accidents is much higher without training.

In addition, the relation with the territory is intense (“last year the company moved its headquarters to Trentino Alto Adige and we decided to support the initiatives of Volleyball Christmas Tournament in Rovereto and Intercity Ramblers”) and the attention to an increasingly green future is close: “We are active in the research and development of innovative projects which can have a positive impact on the sector. The photovoltaic is certainly a consolidated technology, and the experience of Italian producers is a valuable asset, but there is much room for improvement. With such an extensive technological park, consisting of 26 brands of panels and 10 of inverters, we have paid careful attention to the process of consolidation of the technological research crucial for the growth of professionalism.


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Ivonne Carpinelli
Giornalista con la passione per l'ambiente e l'energia lavoro con Gruppo Italia Energia dal 2014. Mi occupo anche di mobilità dolce e alternativa, nuove costruzioni, economia circolare, arte e moda sostenibile. Esperta nella gestione dei social network e nel montaggio video non esco mai senza penna, taccuino e... smartphone.