RetiConsumer’s role and its potentiality in a new networks’ dynamic are central arguments at European Utility Week, annual congress fair dedicated to utility’s world going on in Amsterdam in these days (October 3th- 5th) with Canale Energia as media partner. While on one side opportunities given by technology raise, let’s think about prosumers, final users able to produce part or the total energy’ needed amount, energy use’ growth in domestic activities and network’s punctual control highlight more and more energy poverty’ cases. People with low spending power are the ones, with scarce knowledge, use energy resources in little efficient way. European Union is already working hard to identify strategies to spread consumptions’ efficiency’ culture.

How does the relationship with the user changes in an always more and more democratic network

User is always more and more active in its relationship between energy and networks, thanks to many available devices, starting with Smartphone until simple instruments allowing, only inserting it in socket or replacing specific light bulbs, to connect oneself to wifi network to control home by remote. This way is possible to obtain data about the own real time consumption and, sometimes, obviating with self production. Interacting with network, however, asks questions about limits and potentialities for a debate to be “au pair” between utility and consumer.

Democratic energy, what does it mean and entail

How can we realize relation between utility and final user and, above all, make it a democratic process? About this we consulted ourselves during European meeting’ first day with the sector’s utilities.

Canale Energia interviewed in Amsterdam Roberta Bigliani, IDC Insight’ researches Director, moderator during the energy democratization’ dedicated session.

Energy’s becoming democratic? How? This is an advantage for the consumer.

We talk more and more about blockchain as central element for managing purchase’ dynamics in innovative services and micro payments, is really this one the solution we all were looking for?

“How does #consumer’ vision change thanks to #Blockchain”. An instant of European Utility Week (Amsterdam, October 3th-5th) live on facebook for Canale Energia

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Agnese Cecchini
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