Electricity auctions and acquisition groups, this is how a new business is created


Nowadays, attention to consumption is key to saving. In order to achieve this efficiency measures can be taken in the buildings. However, some operations can be applied directly to the energy suppliers. The way that the small- and middle-sized companies can generate savings is to turn to energy brokers. After all, in a difficult and always more saving-oriented economic situation, electricity and gas bills account for a substantial part of expenditure for the businesses.

And if brokerage was managed through auctions? We talk about it with Alberto Stocchi from Savenergy.


Electricity auction and acquisition groups, what is your target?
We turn to the small- and middle-sized companies: from restaurants to bars, from hairdresser’s to clothing shops. In turn for larger energy intensive enterprises, we organize “Single Auctions,” due to considerable volumes consumed by such clients.

How does an auction work? 
The mechanism is the same as in the case of traditional auctions: there are the purchasers (suppliers in our case) and there is an object of the auction (that is the Acquisition Group which also includes companies registered on our website that also take part in the bidding). And there is us that act as impartial judges through our platform, following bid-ups and limiting ourselves to proclaim the winner at the end of the established time. The price at the auction closing is the price that will be applied to electricity or gas supplies billing of the acquisition group.

What margins of saving are you able to ensure to your clients?
There is no guaranteed margin. It constantly changes in accordance with the clients that constitute the Acquisition Group. However, I can affirm that the group’s saving has never been lower than 10% so far. This is definitely an encouraging figure.

Do you think that when the cities will be smart your sector will be able to take advantage of it?  
We do not exclude anything! Why not arranging for the on-line reverse auctions for the technologies aimed at the smart cities?! So that Savergy could be already a step ahead of others?


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Agnese Cecchini
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