Car sharing does not replace a family car, but it is getting less attractive than public means of transportation, at least according to a study carried out by the National Union of Consumers.

The study estimated that the average cost of car management is EUR 3,101.00 a year (the so-called wear, maintenance, repairs, tolls, third party car insurance, check-ups and also fines!), whereas the cost of car sharing, with a halt in a city such as Milan was assessed to be EUR 4,690.00. The parameters change if car sharing is compared with the public means of transportation and, above all if the fact that the car is “shared” and thus it is “not always yours” is considered. What does it mean? If we wish to use the same care for the whole day, we have one type of costs – those of halts and consumption – which are high (actually, we pay even if the car is parked).


If in turn the idea of sharing is applied, it is also more similar to the concept of public means “that I rent when I need it” – that is a car in my area that I book with an app in real time – and then “I leave it free after I have used it, so that another person could drive it”, the figures change a lot. They show that sharing entails a similar cost to a private taxi, with respect to which it is still on average less expensive (EUR 11.55/EUR 38.50 compared to EUR 34.30/EUR 41.40) than a first car. Therefore considering that the idea of sharing consists precisely in using the car when necessary, rather than “having it”, we may affirm that the objective for Italians has been fully achieved.

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