A new business model, able to overtake its competitor Bla Bla Car and transfer new passengers on short-distance routes. We refer to Flootta Car Pooling, a business-to-business services of ride sharing created in 2011 from an idea of Inno.vìe Srl, a start-up acquired by Cinetix Group.

For the time being, our platform responds to five different transfer needs: of employees of companies or public administration, those who need to reach an event venue, university students or pupils, or members of societies or associations, such as the sports ones – explains Nicola Brunelli, Software Manager at Inno.vìe Srl. Flootta Hub is intended for commuters and used by 3,500 employees of the Autonomous Province of Trento who move around the offices of the area.Thus the Province may monitor the transfers from home to work of its employees, draw up a ranking of the best ones and award them on the basis of the number of km covered at the end of the year. Other companies are getting interested in the service: there are those that have an empty shuttle bus and those, such as IKEA, which is considering to incentivize carpooling by by offering gifts or providing a dedicated car park.  In turn the Commune of Rovereto uses  Flootta Daily precisely for everyday transfers of the personnel

A system of awards is also intended for university students: Flootta Hub can be integrated into any dedicated platform and used by students and employees after logging in their personal page. The mobility manager at the University of Trento enters a private are where he can view the rankings of the rides provided, and at the end of the year, recognize the most deserving university student (for instance by giving a 2-day ski pass in Alto Adige).

There is also Flootta School for children whereby the parents that give a ride their kids to school may coordinate the pooling by means of smartphone: Currently, we provide services to around 30 schools of the Region of Veneto and we are negotiation with 90 schools located in Apulia, in Bari.Also in that case potential and actual CO2 saving and km covered are calculated.

Sports associations resort to the service as well, whereas in the case of big events, there is Flootta Events intended for occasional transfers: The app and the web widget are included into the organizers’ site, where in the section directions’ also ride-shared routes can be searched for. This service is also the subject of negotiations with the organizers of the Jubilee.”

Flootta Car Pooling allows overcoming skeptical attitudes relating to the ride with strangersand it is the first that is LEED certified. The company that adopts it may collect points in order to obtain a LEED certification or keep the already acquired certificates.

The service offers even more: We have launched a series of consulting and training activities: not only for parents and students, but also for municipalities and businesses. For instance, the school headmaster has to check if the service is offered regularly, whereas the parents are supposed to notify others if their child is sick and that they will not provide the service of ride sharing.


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Ivonne Carpinelli
Giornalista con la passione per l'ambiente e l'energia lavoro con Gruppo Italia Energia dal 2014. Mi occupo anche di mobilità dolce e alternativa, nuove costruzioni, economia circolare, arte e moda sostenibile. Esperta nella gestione dei social network e nel montaggio video non esco mai senza penna, taccuino e... smartphone.