The 7th Annual Energy Storage World Forum


In Retrospect

A lot of milestones influencing energy storage systems have transpired since the 6th Energy Storage World Forum held in April, last year. 

Among the more notable ones include breakthroughs in battery energy storage technologies, entry of  high-profile individuals into the energy storage business, and implementation of new policies that lend support to the sector.

Inspiring news about sugar-powered fuel cells, molten salts for thermal energy storage, and lighter high-power batteries made possible through nanotechnology, surfaced last year.

Billionaire Bill Gates and other high profile investors upped their stakes in energy storage startups. Policy-wise, Germany has implemented feed-in tariffs for solar-based energy storage while a U.S. state passed a mandate calling for expansion of electricity storage. 

Bracing for the 7th Forum

Amid these positive developments, the Energy Storage World Forum team is bracing itself anew for its 7th Energy Storage World Forum.

From April 1 to 4, 2014 the team will bring together hundreds of forum delegates privileged to listen to and witness valued speakers talk about highly-relevant and specific subjects on energy storage.  Broadly speaking, points of discussion will revolve around technologies, policies, business models, finance models, among others.

April 4 is dedicated to discussions on residential energy storage, a new forum format featured this year.   

The four-day event will take place in Jumeirah Carlton Tower, one of London’s luxury five-star hotels.  It is situated in the heart of central London and within walking distance to popular destinations like Hydes Park and Harrods.

Forum Proper

As it was in the past conferences, this year’s forum is going to be extensive yet fast-paced. Speakers are given just minutes to take the floor and tackle their subjects.  

The sessions are made far more interesting, challenging, and ever dynamic as forum delegates become active participants in CEO interview sessions, the Tech Soap Box activity, panel discussions, mobile polling, and action plan building. Each of these activites are selectively integrated in the forum dates. 

Below are some of the day’s topics*

Day 1- Government and utilities’ uptake on policies and regulations, achieving the business case, among others. 

Day 2 – The solar power and energy storage tandem including economic viability, costs, and returns, the Almacena project, power electronics, and EPCs.

Day 3 – Actual deployments and related challenges, solutions, and lessons learned as well as energy management systems.

Day 4 – Residential energy storage – cost reduction, improvements in technical implementation.

*Complete topics listing is featured in the 2014 Energy Storage World Forum brochure.  

Distinguished Speakers/Panelists

No less than 70 leaders, key decision makers, and experts from the technical, scientific, and business fields will converge this year. These personalities come from 24 leading utilities, TSOs, and DSOs and 5 country regulators. 

Below is a brief background on some of this year’s distinguished speakers/panelists:

Sir David King.  Currently the Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change.  Prior to this post, he was Chief Scientific Advisor for the UK government, a distinguished position he has held for a good 7 years.  To date, he has published more than 500 works on science and policy which earned for him countless citations and awards.  

Lord Layard.  Programme Director for Wellbeing Programme, Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics.  He was also former Chairman of World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Health and Wellbeing.  As a member of the House of Lords, his chief focus lies in economy, finance, education, employment and training. 

Download the programme of the 7th Energy Storage World Forum

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