Novazzano, 16 October 2014The Swiss technology company Paradox Engineering SA and the International software company PLAT.ONE are working together to offer a seamless solution for enterprise-grade Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Featuring PE.AMI and PE.WSNi technology by Paradox Engineering and PLAT.ONE® platform, the integrated solution accelerates the development of mission critical IoT and M2M applications in a number of industries, including energy, Smart Cities, telecommunications, transportation, logistics and industrial automation.

The explosion of connected devices is challenging companies and cities with a huge amount of data to be analyzed and managed. According to ABI Research, the installed base of active wireless connected devices will exceed 16 billion by the end of 2014 and more than double in the next few years, with 40.9 billion objects forecasted for 2020. Big data do have a great potential value for organizations managing either industrial processes or urban services, since they can be used to take smarter decisions about operations, but also encourage innovation and unveil new revenue opportunities.


The combination of PE.AMI and PE.WSNI with PLAT.ONE® allows customers to build effective IoT and M2M applications with excellent levels of scalability, flexibility and security. Paradox Engineering’s PE.AMI and PE.WSNi enable multi-application, scalable, flexible and modular wireless/powerline full mesh narrowband IPv6/6LoWPAN and broadband integrated network platforms, specifically conceived and designed to support multiple IoT and M2M applications on the same infrastructure. Fully based on open standards and agnostic to field devices, PE.WSNi and PE.AMI enable the development of robust self-configuring and self-healing networks to collect, store and bidirectionally deliver advanced information from/to any kind of new or existing data generation device (meters, sensors, cameras, luminaires, …), enabling smart data collection and management processes.


PLAT.ONE® and PE.AMI or PE.WSNi perfectly complement each other as the ideal solution joining future proof wireless sensor networks for data acquisition and transportation with end-to-end application enablement, data management and device management functionalities, all “cloud-ready”. First Complete Enterprise-Grade Internet of Things Application Platform, in fact, PLAT.ONE® is designed for large-scale enterprise applications providing robust end-to-end security and scalability yet open, extensible interfaces and integration. PLAT.ONE® is big data ready with data aware feature such as rich data management rules, semantics, security and native storage using Hadoop and major SQL databases.


“We’re really pleased to work with PLAT.ONE and offer our customers an enhanced solution for their Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things applications. By integrating PE.AMI and PE.WSNi with PLAT.ONE software capabilities, we are really offering a future proof platform for any advanced asset and condition monitoring initiative as well as smarter city services management. Lighting management, parking management, advanced meter reading, traffic signal management, solid waste management will benefit from top class ability to integrate multiple source of data from different sources. Paradox Engineering and PLAT.ONE together offer a complete value proposition for any today and future requirement in the IoT, from collection, transport, store, present, analyze and deliver actionable information”, said Gianni Minetti, President and CEO of Paradox Engineering. “Customers will take advantage of the opportunity to deploy multiple M2M and IoT applications at once or in the time, thus protecting their investments and honoring their present and future needs”.


“We see a great value in Paradox Engineering’s 6lowPAN network infrastructure and we really appreciate the horizontal approach of their networking solutions, a perfect match with the horizontal approach to IoT services adopted by PLAT.ONE. Paradox Engineering’s solutions combine the resiliency of full-mesh 6lowPAN capillary networks with the high-throughput capacity of traditional wireless area networks: PE networking backed up by PLAT.ONE application and IoT services enables the implementation of multi-service network environments where a new breed of applications and verticals can be developed. Paradox Engineering’s infrastructure is the ideal transport layer for PLAT.ONE smart city and industrial domain services” added Filippo Murroni, CTO of PLAT.ONE.

Paradox Engineering and PLAT.ONE will kick off their collaboration at the M2M Summit, next October 20-21 in Dusseldorf, and are already collaborating to joint industrial condition monitoring projects in Germany and Smart City projects in multiple European Countries. 

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