E.ON extends partnership with GreenWave Reality for smart home solutions


Januar 28, 2014 – As part of its greater emphases on distributed energy and smart energy solutions, E.ON is extending its partnership with GreenWave Reality, a U.S. company promoting a connected lifestyle by providing custom-tailored solutions and combining energy management and home automation. The partnership involves smart home services that will offer E.ON customers more comfort, security, and energy efficiency.
E.ON will use GreenWave hardware, software, and hosting cloud services. This smart home infrastructure will give E.ON a wide range of energy management applications, including solar, home automation, and connected lighting. The platform’s advanced energy management capabilities, which include fault recognition and self-healing, will help customers reduce their energy costs.
“We’re always looking for innovative products and services that help our customers live better and more efficiently. Our partnership will GreenWave will support this effort,” says Urban Keussen, Senior Vice President for Technology and Innovation at E.ON.
E.ON will offer these smart home services in its regional markets across Europe.
“E.ON is a leader on the issue of energy management,” says Greg Memo, CEO of GreenWave Reality. “We’re excited to help E.ON to develop technology that enables households to manage their energy consumption as well as many other smart home services that are simple and easy to use.”
E.ON selected GreenWave Reality’s Home2Cloud as its development platform after a two-year trial involving 75 households. GreenWave smart home technology enabled the households to achieve measurable energy savings as well as a better understanding of their energy consumption.

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