Design Group Italia with Urban Bee Hives at NYC Design Week

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Industry City, May 17-23, 2017 –  Design Group Italia is joining forces with Green Island to partake in Wanted Design, NYC Design Week.

The art of serving honey is expressed through the objects designed by Design Group Italia, exclusively for Green Island, part of Wanted Design’s New York City Design Week.

Realized entirely with 3D printing, the designs propose traditional tools remastered with new features and iconic patterns drawn from the world of beekeeping.

Honey servers

HoneyBulb in its elegance is created through the geometrical play of honeycomb, with its iconic geometries and ergonomic handle design, the instrument represent a contemporary evolution of an object unchanged over time. The honey comb fills with nectar and is easily versed when rotated on its side.

DipperBall offers a different kind of functionality: the spoon is divided into two parts – bulb and handle – that join together through a magnet (protected by a casing to avoid being in direct contact with the honey). The bulb remains inside the jar and with a simple gesture it joins the handle, avoiding waste of the nectar and reducing the need to clean the object after each use.

Dedicated to the world of tea, In-Honey is inspired by the traditional Infusor, but adds another functionality: the ability to be dipped in honey and immerse it directly in the hot beverage. the nectar dissolves homogeneously in the cup, in a totalizing taste experience.

Design Group Italia also created the branding for the event, looking to create a natural but up-beat look that captures the energy of the theme and event.

The theme of bees and their plight is too serious to ignore… design is a way to create innovative solutions for everyday life and impact global sustainability at the same time,
says Design and Managing Director Gabriel Zangari, Design Group Italia NYC.

Wanted Design is the foremost design movement in NYC right now. They are making design accessible and part of the cityscape.

About Design Group Italia

We are a design innovation consultancy based in Milan and New York.
Founded 50 years ago, over the years our work has extended to cover a wide variety of projects ranging from products, interiors, brands and food to UX, service and strategic design.
We work in several industries ranging from healthcare, consumer goods, tourism to technology, with a diverse group of clients.
Today, our team consists of 60 professionals, who represent 15 nationalities, working on projects all over the world.
At the center of everything we do is design thinking. We believe that design has a unique ability to understand people, problems and situations, leading us to create innovative solutions to complicated challenges.

Our studio is lead and owned by Edgardo Angelini, Peter Newbould and Sigurdur Thorsteinsson. The design and managing director of our NYC office is Gabriel Zangari.