Aklease secured € 30 million loan for the imports of investment goods from Italy


Aklease signed 30 million euro loan deal for the financing of investment good imports by the Turkish investors from Italy.

Aklease (Ak Finansal Kiralama A.Ş.) secured 30 million euro SACE loan with 6-year maturity for the financing of Turkish investors’ imports from Italy. Aklease officials underlined their belief for the continued cooperation with SACE for the financing of the increasing transactions between Turkey and Italy, which is among the leading partners of Turkey in imports. SACE officials also expressed their wish to continue creating tailored solutions together with Aklease for the existing demand in Turkey which they underlined as one of their priority markets. “Aklease will continue supporting the financing of the long term investments of Turkish investors” Aklease Chief Executive Officer S. Tuncer Mutlucan said that, “We are glad to be offering the long-term financing in cooperation with SACE at favorable terms to the Turkish investors”, adding that: “Financing of the investments which Turkish economy needs for a high-paced growth is among our priority. At Aklease, we continue our support by offering long term financing to the investors. Thanks to our 30 million euro deal with SACE, we will be financing the investment good imports of our customers with a medium to long term maturity at the most favorable leasing costs. Looking ahead, we will continue to provide seamless support to our customers with the long-maturity and favorable cost resources in cooperation with diverse exports credit organizations such as SACE.” “This loan shows our confidence in Aklease and the Turkish economy.” “We would like to increase the trade volume between Turkey and Italy by supporting Turkish companies and Italian exporters,” says SACE Country Manager Yeliz Tüfekçioğlu, and continues as follows: “At SACE, we are proud to support Aklease, the leading financial leasing company of Turkey”. “Turkey is among the highest priority markets for SACE; that’s why we are very happy to be contributing to the boosting of the business and trade volume between the two countries. We will continue providing the existing customer-oriented and tailored services to the Turkish investors and the Italian Exporters. We believe that, with this credit, we show our confidence for Aklease and the Turkish economy as a whole,” she added. SACE Large Enterprises Department Senior Credit Expert Francesca Di Ottavio pointed out that they suggested a flexible financing solution for the products imported/being imported from Italy. “With the SACE-guaranteed loan, Aklease can finance/refinance the products purchased from various Italian companies with flexible procedures bringing with it an enrichment of its funding resources. We wish to implement this model, which we thinks is very effective, for other Turkish companies which have or plan to have sound commercial relations with Italy,” she said. “We are happy to have carried out our first SACE guaranteed transaction in Turkey through Aklease.” Daniela Mohtadi, Vice President – Structured Export Finance at ING Commercial Banking which mediated the credit transaction, remarked that ING will strengthen its secure position in the market of Turkey thanks to SACE cooperation and said the following: “We are happy to have carried out our first SACE guaranteed transaction in Turkey through Aklease. While this transaction consolidates the successful position of ING in its Turkey ECA transactions, it also highlights the excellent collaboration displayed by all the stakeholders that were involved in the process such as Aklease and SACE. ING has increased its ECA connected transactions in Turkey since 2010, likewise, with the SACE guaranteed Aklease transaction that was completed, we believe that we will carry out many new SACE transactions especially in order to meet the financial needs of Financial Corporations and their Subsidiaries.”

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